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DRACULA, the Mina Harker Journals

by R. Dutch Fritz



(7 – 10 women, 8 – 10 men, 1 boy [or girl]; some doubling possible


Mina (Murray] Harker ---a woman, mid 20’s, a teacher & writer

Jonathan Harker --- her fiancé/husband, late 20’s - 30’s, a solicitor

Quincy A A C Harker --- son of Mina & Jonathan at 7 yrs. old

Lucy Westenra ---    Mina’s childhood friend, mid 20’s,

Arthur Holmwood ---Lucy’s fiancé, late 20’s, adventurer, son of land-owner/                        Gentlemann rancher/owner of Holmwood Cattle Import/Export Co.

Madam Elizabeth Westenra --- Lucy and Dr. Seward’s mother, 50’s, widow

Quincy P. Morris --- Arthur’s older half brother & fellow adventurer, 30’s, runs         cattle ranch in America for Holmwood Import/Export Co.

Dr. Catherine (Westenra) Seward --- Lucy’s older sister, 30’s, widow, runs                             asylum cofounded with late husband Dr. John Seward.

Mr. Richard M. Renfield --- Dr. Seward’s patient, 30 - 40’s, served in British army                 India service, later a travel writer & agent for shipping co.

Dr. Abraham Van Helsing --- Seward’s mentor, teacher, friend, 50’s, metaphysician,

        Professor from Holland, a widower

Dr. Hennessey --- Dr. Seward’s attending physician & partner at asylum, late 30’s

Count Dracula --- 400 yr. old vampire, once proud and tyrannical ruler on the         Romanian/Hungarian border.  Night dweller & shape-shifter

3 Female wraiths/vampires --- in thrall to Dracula, alluring, dangerous, hungry

Ensemble --- Inn keeper, Attendant, Ship’s crew, Coastguards man, Reporter,                       Dock agent, Gypsies.

Quincy A A C Harker --- son of Mina & Jonathan at 40 yrs. old


Time and Place


1905   -           Aboard train from London to Southampton, England                 

1897   -           Carpathian Mts., Whitby and London, England

1938   -           Aboard Train from Southampton to London, England




First it should be noted that it is this author’s intent that wherever possible there should be a Steampunk esthetic throughout. The settings need to remain fluid, very much like memory, very few easily defined, hard edges, but those that are should feel sharp; dangerous. There needs to be an almost ever-present and indefinable sense of danger or evil, like an impending storm. Scenes need to flow smoothly, sometimes overlapping. Critical settings include Harker’s room at Castle Dracula, Renfield’s cell, Lucy’s bedchamber and guest apartment at asylum. Others can be implied with bits of furniture, walk-on set pieces, projections or sound environments. 

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