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A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM by William Shakespeare                    October 2001

at Notre Dame de Namur University Theatre Mainstage

Director: Michael Elkins                               

Scenic Designer: R. Dutch Fritz                      Technical Director: Tom Earlywine

Lighting Designer: R. Dutch Fritz                    Costume Shop Supervisor: Mary Hill

Costume Designer: R. Dutch Fritz                    Master Electritian: Jennifer Wang

Helena, Lysander & Hermia
Helena Rendering
Hermia Rendering
Lysander Rendering
Demetrius Rendering
Aegeus & Philostrate
Philostrate Rendering
Theseus & Hipolita
Theseus Rendering
Hipolita Rendering
Rude Mechanicals Rendering
Patty Quince & Snug the Joiner
Titania w/Bottom Rendeing
Oberon Rendering
Puck/Robin Goodfellow Rendering
Puck/Robin Goodfellow
Mustardseed & Moth Rendering
Cobweb & Peasblossom Rendering
Mustardseed & Cobweb
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