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Masks               $5.00 each

Headbands         $5.00 each

Special 7 for $30.00

Plus mailing; varies depending on order.

Masks are made to order so please allow

up to one week for turn around.


Place orders, questions & Paypal at

Masks are constructed of 3 plies of pre-washed all cotton fabric with soft aluminum nose bridge insert and adjustable elastic ear-loops (or head straps if requested).

A fourth ply can be added upon request for additional $3.00.

Masks can be reversible so choose 2 looks.


Nose bridge can be shaped to create better air seal and reduce fog on eyeglasses. Note that repeated refolding and creasing or pinching the aluminum nose bridge may cause metal to fatigue and break.

I am experimenting with other nose bridge materials to hopefully find a more durable yet flexible alternative.

Gentle hand washing & air drying will help keep mask in good shape for a long life though machine washing and drying is acceptable but may reduce lifespan of mask.

Headbands are constructed of durable, washable, synthetic stretch fabric. Buttons should be worn so as to be behind ears to best accommodate loops of mask.

Place orders, questions & Paypal at

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